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With one in two people developing cancer in their lifetime, the devastating effects of this disease can be felt in every Australian community. Almost 12,000 Western Australians are diagnosed with cancer every year – young and old, women and men – and it remains a leading cause of death in W.A., accounting for around three in every ten deaths. Despite medical research delivering major improvements in survival rates for many cancers, as well as improved diagnostics and preventative measures, there are still subsets of cancer for which there are no treatments or very poor survival rates. The Perkins is focused on these deadly cancers and those that have a particular relevance for West Australians. Our pioneering teams are working to find new and better ways to treat this terrible disease, improve diagnostics and supercharge our immune system in the fight against cancer.


Prostate cancer


Bowel cancer

Head and neck cancer

Pancreatic cancer

Liver cancer

Bone cancer (Sarcoma)

Breast cancer

Ovarian cancer


New drug limits cancer spreading

Most patients die from metastatic cancers, not the primary tumour A research team that recently invented a drug to stop blood vessels from forming a treatment resistant barrier around some…

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Smartphones the next frontier in skin cancer detection

Artificial intelligence could soon be used to diagnose melanoma more cheaply and accurately based on an artificial intelligence algorithm developed by WA researchers. Findings published in the journal of the…

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Activating the silent assassin within to fight breast cancer

Perth researcher wins $1.4m grant to wake up an immune system corrupted by cancer FAST FACTS: Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in women globally 14 million women…

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