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 Towards Organsational Culture Change - TOrCCh                 

With aged care facilities across Australia attempting to respond to policy and practice changes, our researchers have developed a resource to assist aged care facilities to implement long-lasting organisational change.

The TOrCCh toolkit is based on research findings and information provided by a group of aged care organisations who provided input on how to implement and sustain culture change in their facilities. The resource provides a step-by-step, practical approach to facilitate the change process. Starting from identifying the need for change through to implementation and evaluation. 

The toolkit includes a range of additional resources covering areas such as, risk management, maintaining change momentum, dealing with challenges and providing feedback.  TOrCCh can be linked to a continuous improvement cycle  and compliments the accreditation process. Everyone can be involved and it works best if someone from each department is involved. The guide aims to making acheiving sustainable improvements in aged care easier. The toolkit is simple and we hope that you, your team and organisation will see result.

Leader & team Guides - click to download

  1. A comprehensive Guide for Team Leaders
  2. A concise guide for members of the group (including tools and tips)

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