Older Mens Health

Our research is looking for ways to maintain mental and physical health as men age.  One of our long running epidemolgoical studies The Health in Men Study (HIMS) has been following men as they age for over 20 years.  This study is one of Australia's largest study of older men.  The information collected has resulted in many new discoveries.

Our tips on how to age well

  1. Stop smoking
  2. Stay physically and mentally active – if you can, exercise regularly
  3. Make sure you see your doctor every now and again and get your blood sugar and lipids, as well as blood pressure and mood checked, and take your tablets if your doctor says you need them
  4. Don’t drink more than 2-3 drinks of alcohol beverages per day
  5. Eat a wide variety of foods including fruit and vegetables – try to avoid added salt, many fatty foods or too much red meat.


Celebrating 20 years of research

The Health in Men Study (HIMS). Australia's largest study of older men.

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