Indigenous Health

Older Indigenous Australians have an important role in protecting the wellbeing of communities and Country. There is a disparity between the health of Indigenous Australians and non-Indigenous Australians. Consequently, this has led to a 14 years difference in life expectancy. Our researchers have been working in partnership with Indigenous Australians to deliver better health.

We use the term Indigenous Australian to describe someone who identifies as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.  We would like to stress that a great diversity exists amongst Indigenous Australians.

Our resaerchers are currently collaborating with researchers from North America forming part of the Indigenous Cognition & Aging Awareness Research Exchange


  • Developed the first Dementia/ cognitive assessment and depression screening tool for older, remote living Indigenous Australians, know as KICA.
  • In 2012 our qualitative research was recognised by NHMRC as being in the ‘Ten of the best NHMRC research projects’, out of 5,000 teams who applied for National Health and Medical Research Centre funding. This prize was awarded for their investigation, development and trial of a partnership model of care that improved the quality and access to care for remote Aboriginal community members of all ages living with disabilities and mental illness.
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