Frailty is used loosely to describe a range of conditions in older people. Frailty is a condition, often seen in older people.  It is characterized by a low functional reserve, easy tiring, mood disturbance, decreased muscle strength, and high susceptibility to disease. People who are frail may take a sudden turn for the worse.  However, frailty may be reversible.  With our ageing population frailty is becoming a focus of new research.

Our researchers are exploring the over-prescribing of drugs to frail people. This has been documented as a serious problem, but little research has been done.  Our researchers are currently investigating whether a monitored, gradual reducution and withdraw of medicines that are not benefiting participants or are causing significant side-effects, could improve participants quality of life, reduce adverse side effects, and lower pharmacy cost.  The study Opti med - A randomised controlled trial of deprescribing to optimise health outcomes for frail older people


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