New trial to help stroke rehabilitation

February 3, 2016

The Western Australian Centre for Health and Ageing will use a grant from the National Stroke Foundation to fund new rehabilitation therapy for stroke survivors.The study will explore the effectiveness of non-invasive brain stimulation techniques such as transcranial direct current stimulation to help improve attention and reduce fatigue. UWA’s Associate Professor Christopher Etherton-Beer, who will lead it, said the work is a vital part of recovery. Read more

WACHA awarded funding to fight dementia

October 19, 2015

Two researchers from the Western Australian Centre for Health and Ageing have received a portion of the Federal Government funding to tackle the causes and impacts of dementia – the second-leading cause of death in Australia behind heart disease.

Federal Health Minister Sussan Ley and Education and Training Minister Simon Birmingham today announced 76 fellowships would share $43 million in National Health and Medical Research Council and Australian Research Council funding. Ms Ley said the number of Australians with dementia was predicted to grow to more than one million people in the next 40 years. There are around 342,000 Australians living with dementia with more than 1,800 new cases of dementia each week.

Fellowships were awarded to  Dr Kate Smith and Dr Andrew Ford. With dementia five times more prevalent in Aboriginal Australians than non-Aboriginals, Dr Smith’s project aims to help develop a better quality of life for sufferers, as well as identifying factors associated with a better quality of life. Dr Smith will undertake her fellowship with UWA’s Centre for Aboriginal Medical and Dental Healt

Dr Ford will investigate factors contributing to the development of depression in adults with Alzheimer’s disease and the effect of a simple, safe and cost-effective treatment – cognitive bias modification (CBM) – in preventing the development of depression. His research will also examine the effect of CBM on the quality of life of those with Alzheimer’s disease.


Health and Ageing researcher Amy Page named Young Pharmacist of the Year

July 31st, 2015
A PhD student at WACHA has been named Pharmaceutical Society of the Australia's Young Pharmacist of the year. Read more.

WACHA Winter Newsletter

July 9th 2015
Inside this issue:
 Hope for people living with Alzheimer's, 100 and proud of it, See the person, hear their stor, Are our statistics a wakeup call?, Inaugural Dick Lefroy Oration. Read more.

See the person, hear their story - exploring ageing

May 13th, 2015
They say "a picture paints a thousand words" - and this photographic exhibition aims to stimulate and challenge misinformed assumptions and unexplored stereotypes around ageing. Read more.

New Guide to Better Practice in Residential Care Facilities

February 16th 2015
People living and working in residential care facilities will benefit from a new resource launched by researchers from The University of Western Australia’s Centre for Health and Ageing (WACHA). Read more.

WACHA newsletter #15

December 23rd 2014
Inside this issue: B-vitamins can help beat depression, Farewell to our national treasure & Alzheimer’s sufferers receive a gift of hope. Read more.

Outcomes for the mentally ill do not improve with age

November 3rd 2014
New research has confirmed that people with severe mental disorders who reach older age have lower life expectancy compared with their peers. Read more.

B Vitamins can help beat depression

October 20th 2014
Supplementing current anti-depressant medication with B vitamins improves response to treatment. Read more.

Psychiatrist wins mental health good outcomes award

October 9th 2014
A renowned leader in psychiatry and ageing has been recognised for excellence in research with a prestigious Mental Health Good Outcomes Award. Read more.

Gift gives hope to alzheimers sufferers

September 24th 2014
A charity set up by a self-made Mandurah businessman who left Perth at the age of 14 has given a gift of $150,000 to help find better ways to treat depression in people with Alzheimer’s disease. Read more.

WACHA newsletter #14

June 13th 2014
Inside this issue: Northern American experts visit Broome, Poster success & Movers and shakers. Read more.

West Australian psychiatrist wins coveted research award

May 12th 2014
An internationally renowned leader in psychiatry and ageing, The University of Western Australia’s Winthrop Professor Osvaldo Almeida has been recognised for excellence in research with a prestigious Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists Senior Research Award. Read more.

ABC Kimberley Radio Interview

April 24th, 2014
Listen to Vanessa Mills from ABC Kimberley Radio interview Prof Flicker about the first of its kind depression screening tool for older Aboriginal people who live in remote communities. Read more.

Culturally sensitive depression screening tool

April 16th, 2014
A culturally acceptable depression screening tool developed for older Indigenous Australians in remote areas has been developed. Read more.

Cognitive impairment in older men not linked to alcohol consumption

February 20th 2014
Older men who consume alcohol are not more likely to suffer from cognitive impairment in later life. Read more.

Professor Leon Flicker interview: Mens Health

January 23rd 2014
Professor Flicker talks about Australia's longest running Men's Health trial and its results to date. Read more.

WACHA Newsletter #13

December 1st 2013
Inside this issue:
How important is exercise to a long life?, No evidence that alcohol causes depression & A closer look at vitamin D. Read more.

Advocates join health experts to spread the good news

September 20th 2013
Two of Australia's leading aged care advocates will travel to Broome this week to lend the nation’s top health researchers a hand. Read more.

No evidence that alcohol causes depression: study

September 12th 2013
There is no truth to the long-held belief that alcohol causes depression, clinical neuroscientists from The University of Western Australia have concluded. Read more.

Exercise key to a longer, happier life

September 5th 2013
Sustained physical activity can add years to life and substantially improve the quality of those years, according to the latest results of a long-term study into more than 12,000 elderly Western Australian men. Read more.

WACHA Newsletter #12

April 1st 2013
Inside this issue: Successful ageing, Keeping older Aussies on their feet, Change of life coaching & 10,000 virtual visitors. Read more.

$1.5M Grant to Keep Older Australians on Their Feet

April 15th 2013
Western Australian researchers will take part in a $1.5 million trial aimed at preventing secondary falls in older Australians. Read more.

'Change of Life' Coaching May Blitz Mood Swings

January 4th 2013
Health coaching may be used to help women through the 'change of life' - and researchers at The University of Western Australia's Centre for Health and Ageing (WACHA) are calling for volunteers to test the benefits. Read more.

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