About us

WACHA is a leading, clinical research and education Centre that has re-defining ageing research in Western Australia.  Launched in 2000 to pioneer a new model of collaborative multidisciplinary research with a common goal, to improve the health of people in mid-life and beyond, with a focus of applying research knowledge to practice. The Centre brings together world-class experts, bright researchers, clinicians and students, empowering them to work together to identify and overcome the most critical obstacles to realizing the full promise of ageing research.

The Centre is organized around scientific programs covering areas such as; healthy ageing, clinical research and health services, to build, apply, and share knowledge needed to transform disease prevention, treatment and cure for people in mid-life and beyond. We conduct pioneering programs in dementia, depression, Indigenous health and ageing, aged care, stroke and frailty research with a strong record of success.

Our researchers are working to extend healthy lives, to prevent the onset of disabling illnesses, to find better ways to treat diseases common amongst older people and to improve the way health services are delivered.

Our discoveries will be tomorrow's treatments. The will have an enormous impact on the future of your health. We advocate healthy lifestyles, positive ageing and education.


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