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Consumables such as test tubes, pipette tips and Petri dishes are the essential tool of any medical researcher. Our teams use hundreds of thousands of these every year, to conduct experiments safely and accurately. In every test tube could be the next big breakthrough in cancer. The Petri dish you fund could test a compound that becomes a lifesaving cure. It’s not always glamorous, but it’s vitally important!

Your impact

Together, we’re reaching toward incredible medical solutions. By donating to the consumables that keep every lab functional, you are helping to bring those better health outcomes closer to today.

Chemicals and glassware are recurring expenses – almost all research projects require them to conduct laboratory testing. Some consumables are covered under research grants, but many projects miss out on grant funding and must find other means to stock these essential items. You can keep these promising researchers stocked up, so they can spend their time looking for the next health breakthrough.