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The Cancer and cell biology division is co-led by Professor Ruth Ganss and Associate Professor Andrew Redfern.

Perkins researchers have made major discoveries in the field of cancer including uncovering the SLIRP gene which controls hormone production in breast and prostate cancers, the tumour suppressor gene HLS5 and a process for normalising blood vessels in tumours to allow more effective absorption of cancer-combating drugs. Detailed information about our cancer laboratories and programs is below.

Professor Ruth Ganss

Professor Ruth Ganss

Scientific Head, Cancer and cell biology division

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Professor Andrew Redfern

Professor Andrew Redfern

Clinical Head, Cancer and cell biology division

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Cancer epigenetics

Cell signaling

Laboratory for
cancer medicine

Liver disease and

Systems biology and

Targeted drug delivery,
imaging and therapy




Boost for liver cancer patients with new $10.8 million world-class research centre

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Ground-breaking COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Underway in Perth: First Participants Dosed After Thousands Register

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Improving treatment for severe leukaemia

Researchers from the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research have collaborated on a major project to help in the development of a new and improved way to treat the poor-prognosis…

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