Centre for Clinical Research in Emergency Medicine

The Centre for Clinical Research in Emergency Medicine (CCREM) is a unique unit that brings together clinical staff working in the Emergency Department (ED) and laboratory scientists using immunological and molecular biological techniques. CCREM investigates a number of conditions within the spectrum of disease treated by EDs including sepsis, trauma, anaphylaxis, heart failure, chest pain, snake and spider envenoming and drug overdose. Clinical information and special blood samples are collected from patients while they are in the ED, providing an invaluable tool for investigating the underlying mechanisms of illnesses.

Our principal aim is to improve patient care and clinical outcomes in the ED setting. This includes reducing the number of patients requiring ED care through development of strategies to prevent serious illness and reducing the time patients are required to stay in hospital by improving the emergency care that they receive.

For further information about our research please visit our website at www.ccrem.org.au

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