Laboratory heads

Cancer and Cell Biology Division
Name Laboratory
Associate Professor Pilar Blancafort Cancer Epigenetics
Professor Alistair Forrest Systems Biology and Genomics
Professor Ruth Ganss Vascular Biology and Stromal Targeting
Assistant Professor Juliana Hamzah Targeted Drug Delivery, Imaging and Therapy
Associate Professor Evan Ingley Cell Signalling
Professor Peter Leedman Laboratory for Cancer Medicine
Associate Professor Debbie Trinder Iron Metabolism and Liver Disease Research
Professor George Yeoh Liver Disease and Carcinogenesis
Clinical Science Division
Name Laboratory
Professor Daniel Fatovich Centre for Clinical Research in Emergency Medicine
Associate Professor Aron Chakera Translational Renal Research
Professor Grant Morahan Centre for Diabetes Research
Dr Barry Doyle Vascular Engineering
Dr Brendan Kennedy Bioimaging Research and Innovation
Professor Girish Dwivedi Advanced Clinical and Translational Cardiovascular Imaging 
Molecular Medicine Division
Name Laboratory
Professor Nigel Laing AO Neurogenetic Diseases
Professor Ryan Lister Epigenetics and Genomics Laboratory
Professor Aleksandra Filipovska Mitochondrial Medicine and Biology
Professor Kevin Pfleger Molecular Endocrinology and Pharmacology
Professor Oliver Rackham Synthetic Biology and Drug Discovery
Laboratory management
Name Position
Kathy Davern Research Operations Manager
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