Neurogenetic diseases

Senior team members

Professor Nigel Laing Laboratory Head
Associate Professor Kristen Nowak Team Leader, Animal Models and Therapies
Dr Gina Ravenscroft Team Leader, Foetal Akinesias and Pathobiology
Dr Rhonda Taylor Postdoc
Dr Sarah Rea Team Leader of ALS, Dementia and PDB functional genomics
Professor Homa Tajsharghi MoRE Visiting Fellow
Denise Howting Clinical Research Officer Australian Genomics Health Alliance
Tina Ly Part-time Executive Assistant to Professor Nigel Laing
Elyshia McNamara Laboratory Manager
Hayley Goullee Graduate Research Assistant
Sarah Beecroft Graduate Research Assistant
Royston Ong Graduate Research Assistant
Klair Bayley    Masters student
Jordan Boutilier PhD Student
Melanie Sultana PhD Student
Adriana Foster PhD Student
Adriana Messineo PhD Student
Emma Turner Honours Student
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