Research overview
Ageing research is conducted through the Perkins affiliate centre the Western Australian Centre for Health and Ageing (WACHA). WACHA’s research aims to extend healthy lives, prevent the onset of disabling illnesses, find better ways to treat diseases common amongst older people, and to improve the way health services are delivered. Researchers, clinicians, and students collaborate to identify and overcome the most critical obstacles to healthy ageing, including dementia, depression and frailty.

The Centre's work focuses on three streams:

  • Healthy Ageing Program (to determine the factors that maintain good health with increasing age)
  • Clinical Research Program (to determine the factors and mechanisms that lead to poor health with increasing age, as well as strategies to improve the health outcomes of older people)
  • Health Service Research Program (to determine the optimal way of organising and delivering health services to older people - including those from ethnic minorities or who live in rural and remote areas).

To find out more visit the WACHA website.

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