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Clinical trials

Clinical trials are a crucial latter step in the transition of medicines from bench to beside. The life cycle of a drug from basic science discovery to therapeutic treatment is approximately 17 years. Clinical trials are important to ensure that treatments are safe and effective. Clinical trials may involve testing a new drug on a small number of healthy volunteers or retesting existing drugs to treat other illnesses. Clinical trials provide the means to develop new treatments that are as effective, more effective, or safer than treatments already on the market; as well as enabling researchers to discover new therapeutic uses for currently available medications.

Participation in clinical trials has so much to offer, to find out more about the Perkins early phase clinical trials facility – Linear Clinical Research Limited click here.

Consumer and Community Health Research Network

The Consumer and Community Health Research Network was established in July 2016 with funding from Lotterywest. This exciting initiative, which is a first for Australia, expands The University of Western Australia School of Population Health and Telethon Kids Institute’s Consumer and Community Involvement Program across the 20+ Western Australian Health Translation Network‘s Partner Organisations.

The Consumer and Community Health Research Network brings together and supports consumers, community members and researchers to work in partnership to make decisions about health research priorities, policy and practice.

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