Brain and spinal cord injuries have an enormous human and economic impact on neurotrauma survivors and their families. Improving functional recovery from a sudden injury to the central nervous system is essential for quality of life.

To reduce the impact of neurotrauma on the community we provide funding to three key areas of research

  • ResearchBasic science – Understanding the mechanisms of neural cell injury and repair, and investigating treatments to reduce degeneration and optimise repair are essential to guide clinical research
  • Clinical studies – Translating research from the laboratory to the clinic and progressing pilot clinical studies to randomised controlled trials are of direct benefit to patients in WA
  • Road trauma prevention – Road trauma is responsible for the majority of traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries in Western Australia. Understanding and modifying driving attitudes and behaviours is a key element in reducing the number of people affected by these injuries
  • Latest research results -  Communication of research results to researchers, clinicians, patients, consumer groups and the general public is an important role of the NRP.
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