Visiting students excited by new medical research program

Penrhos College students with a flair for science were the first in line to experience the inaugural “Perkins Profs Academy” program at the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research this week.

Penhros student Alinda Lee

 Penrhos student Alinda Lee

The students spent the day in the recently opened Lotterywest BioDiscovery Centre, extracting DNA and examining cells on research grade equipment. 

Each of the 16 students in the program independently applied to participate and learn more about medical research and scientific innovation.

Year 11 student, Alinda Lee, said she was motivated to apply for the program after discovering that cardiovascular disease was a research focus for the Perkins.

“I was looking at the areas of research the Perkins did and I saw Cardiovascular Disease and thought, “I need to go to that”. Two years ago my dad passed away from a heart attack. After that, I decided I wanted to be a medical researcher,” Alinda said.

“I never knew how much researchers helped people. At first I had wanted to work in a hospital but now I see that it’s all linked - what the researchers do and what the doctors do its all linked and its fascinating.”

Alinda said the program had taught her a lot about medical science and she had enjoyed learning about cells.

“Looking at cells is fascinating; I would definitely love to work at a place like this one day.”

Penrhos College Teacher and Maths Mentor Coordinator Peter Chandler said it was a very exciting development.

“Penrhos College is fortunate to be the first school in Western Australia invited to take part in an inaugural education program. This is an amazing opportunity for girls interested in medical research and will provide a useful background for their Mathematics and Science studies at school,” Mr Chandler said.

The program runs for 20 weeks during Terms 2 and 3 and offers practical experience for students interested in a career in Science, technology, mathematics or engineering.

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