Turning cancer genes on and off

Cancer GeneResearchers at the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research and The University of Western Australia revealed a ground-breaking new molecular structure formed by two human proteins involved in turning genes on and off in cancer.

The study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA, reveals a tight embrace between the proteins NONO and PSPC1, that explains for the first time how they work together inside cancer cells.

Dr Archa Fox, from the Perkins said that it was an important finding, as it is the first step towards developing drugs that could change the way these proteins work. However, more work is required to show how they might be targeted by new cancer drugs.

The proteins NONO and PSPC1 are found in a part of the human cell called a Paraspeckle, discovered by Archa Fox in 2001.

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