Stroke: Challenging a looming epidemic

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More than 300 people with an interest in stroke attended this year's Perkins' flagship annual event, the Wesfarmers' Harry Perkins Oration. 

Richard Goyder AO, Graeme Hankey and Larry Iffla

Left to right: Wesfarmers Managing Director
Richard Goyder AO, 
Professor Graeme Hankey
and Perkins Chairman Larry Iffla.

The popular event was attended by Wesfarmers Managing Director, Richard Goyder AO and Perkins Chairman Larry Iffla (pictured) as well as health professionals, scientists, patients and their families. 

Professor Graeme Hankey, who is a world-renowned neurologist, said that the incidence of stroke was rising, with 5,000 Western Australians having a stroke each year, or 13 every day. 

He said that more people were also surviving stroke which meant the health burden was also increasing, with 30 to 50% of survivors were living with a disability.

Professor Hankey also emphasised that stroke was preventable.

"90 percent of all strokes are attributable to high blood pressure, lack of exercise, high fats and a poor diet, diabetes, alcohol, smoking and heart problems," he said.

"If we can lower these risk factors among the population through public education, health legislation and taxation then we can reduce stroke."

Watch the oration recording below:

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