Schoolgirl makes the chop to change lives


Gemima Rahman hopes to trigger a good-deed domino affect.

The 16-year-old St Brigids student made the selfless choice to cut off 40cm of her waist length hair shortly before a school ball.

Motivated by the pain of watching a close friend lose their battle with cancer, Gemima said she felt determined to do something positive.

“I made the decision to donate my hair and fundraise for cancer research at the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research to help find a cure,” Gemima said.

After opening a GoFundMe page, Gemima was able to raise $1,200 thanks to the generous support of family and friends. 

“I came to the realisation that my hair will grow back and there are others out there who would benefit with it more than I would,” Gemima said.

“Sometimes one selfless act can make someone’s life 1,000 times better and although you are only one in a 7.6 Billion, it’s a contribution that could help to maybe one day change the world. 

“I fundraised not only to help with a cause I have seen affect those I love but to hopefully start a domino affect, encouraging others to do the same.”

The South Hedland raised teen, said she hopes to continue to give back by becoming a BioMechanical Engineer.

“A few years ago I went to the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research for a Science camp, then very recently I attended the BioDiscovery Centre again,” Gemima said.

“This has helped me to broaden my horizons and expose me to various different pathways available for my career. I have a fascination for the human body and how it functions and I hope to one day work in science and engineering.”

If you would like to join Gemima in supporting local research breakthroughs, you can donate here.

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