Pod of life a gift to medical research

The Perkins is proud to be displaying unique Australian sculptures which were a gift from our founding sponsor, Wesfarmers, to honour its centenary. Boab nut

The intricately engraved boab nuts, or pods, were made by Aboriginal artists according to an ancient tradition. They feature designs inspired by animals, images of country and patterns of nature.

Fifteen artists from the Waringarri Aboriginal art centre carefully engraved real nuts with individual designs. Each of these pods was then cast as 100 white aluminium sculptures and stamped with the Wesfarmers centenary seal before being presented as limited edition gifts.

The significance of the pods is that boab trees are vital ‘trees of life’ in the Kimberley, storing water and providing food. The boab nuts, which contain seeds, were traditionally used in corroboree performances as percussion instruments.

The Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research was named after former Wesfarmers’ Chairman, Harry Perkins, who was instrumental in setting up the collaborative medical research institute in WA in 1998. Wesfarmers is still an extremely valuable supporter of the Perkins’ medical research and we congratulate them on their 100th birthday. 

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