Once a fighter, now a survivor

Bev Nikolich believed the 'C' word was never going to happen to her.

Bev and her daughter Madelyn
Bev and her daughter Madelyn

Breast cancer was not in the family and the young mother of one thought she was invincible – until the day she found a lump under her arm.

“I detected it myself. Just randomly one day whilst scratching my underarm I noticed some mass which I hadn't noticed before and it seemed strange,” she said.“I couldn't sleep that night as I felt something amiss and went to the doctor the next day.”

Bev was diagnosed with a multifocal, invasive duct carcinoma, grade 3 type breast cancer.

After enduring months of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and a mastectomy, Bev said after the shock of the diagnosis and treatment, she has become a better carer and parent for her 2 year old daughter Madelyn.

“There is nothing more important than spending time with her and watching her grow. Housework, dirty clothes, dirty fingers, marks on walls - that is all irrelevant now in the scheme of things,” she said. 

“I love every day that I'm here and thankful for what I have around me.”

Bev said cancer research is so important as each new available treatment is improving the survival rate of our community.

In March, Bev and the Poker Princesses (her team of five girlfriends) walked 60 kilometres in The Weekend to End Women’s Cancer, raising an incredible $4,000 and a team grand total of $25,000.

“By walking I did not want to see someone close to me go through what I endured.  I hope that one day we will be in a world without cancer but until then, we need to make the treatment less taxing on the body.”

“I used to be a fighter but after the walk, I now call myself a survivor,” said Bev.

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