New Perkins Director brings fresh focus to Institute

In another major change for the Perkins, this week saw the appointment of a new Director, Professor Peter Leedman. Professor Peter Leedman

Professor Leedman said his combined backgrounds of medicine and scientific research had shaped his focus on generating research that would offer faster turnaround of treatments for patients. 

“First and foremost I am a clinician-scientist. I’m a medical doctor, so I experience first-hand the impact that disease has on my patients, but I’m also a scientist so I know that research and teaching are the lifeblood of good care.

“I believe that the delivery of high quality health care in the 21st century should be underpinned by integrated top quality medical research, which will inform us to make the best decisions as doctors,” Professor Leedman said.

“Under my leadership, the Perkins will be focusing predominantly on the major diseases affecting Western Australians: cancer, heart disease, and diabetes because these are the diseases that continue to take the lives of our loved ones, our neighbours, colleagues and friends….. and because we believe we can make a difference.

Critical to this vision is the development of large multidisciplinary teams that comprise top scientists making innovative discoveries working side by side with medically trained doctors, pathologists, biostatisticians, clinical trials and public health experts and teams of bioinformatics experts who can crunch through the tsunami of data and make it clinically relevant.

It is this incredible combination of skills that is necessary to make major advances and we will work toward generating these in the years ahead. We will search the world and cherry-pick the best people to complement our teams – in fact it’s all about the people.

“We can take WA medical research to the next level and we can make a difference.”

Read an interview with Professor Leedman.

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