Melanoma expert says no more 'rolling the dice' on patient's health

National and local experts joined together last week for the Kirkbride Melanoma Centre’s Research Symposium and Community Forum.

The symposium held by the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research, involved presentations from 15 melanoma experts and gave scientists and clinicians an opportunity to discuss the latest in research and treatments for the disease.

The Forum offered an overview of the progress in the field, with talks on how to reduce mortality from melanoma and the need for clinical trials in Western Australia. 

Professor Grant McArthur from the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne said during his keynote presentation, that there was a critical need for research into personalised medicine.

“We have breakthroughs but not for all patients and that’s why we need to stop rolling the dice and hoping that people will respond to the drugs,” Professor McArthur said.

“We need a targeted approached so that we know who’s going to respond to what treatments, and for that we need more research like what’s being done at the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research’s Kirkbride Melanoma Centre.”

Professor McArthur said that if the community prioritised basic scientific research and the subsequent clinical trials, he was confident that melanoma would see dramatic reductions in mortality similar to those seen in lung cancer.

“I’m standing before you with a real sense of optimism that together we can reduce the mortality of melanoma.”

Watch the full community forum below:

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