Medical Researchers unite to champion Future Fund

Western Australia’s three largest medical research institutes have joined other institutes across the nation in support of enhanced public investment in health and medical research through the Medical Research Future Fund.  MRFF

Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research Director Professor Peter Leedman, Telethon Kids Institute Director Professor Jonathan Carapetis and Lions Eye Institute Managing Director Professor David Mackey have backed the establishment of the government’s proposed $20 billion future fund for health and medical research.

They join other institute directors and the Medical Research Future Fund Action Group in a national campaign to ensure the proposed Medical Research Future Fund is fully realised. 

Professor Peter Leedman said the future fund would be transformative for medical research in Australia and very significant for the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research which focuses on adult diseases including cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. He said that only long term and sustainable investment into medical research, such as the MRFF proposal, would ensure research breakthroughs in WA that can be translated into better health outcomes.

Professor Jonathan Carapetis said the concept of a medical research future fund was visionary and would help the health and medical research sector in Western Australia to continue to grow.  He said West Australian institutes in particular were uniquely placed to tackle health issues that impact remote and regional parts of Australia.

Professor David Mackey said: “The “untreatable” diseases of today need to attract and retain our best and brightest minds.  A future fund will help achieve this and discover cures for diseases.”

Click here for the national media release.

Or for more information about the Medical Research Future Fund visit the website

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