Cell therapy for diabetics supported

A researcher with the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research,  was awarded a Commercialisation Australia Skills & Knowledge Grant of $50,000 to assist in commercial development of Dr Jiang’s technology as well as business planning, with the ultimate goal of achieving a licensing deal or raising capital to advance the technology through clinical trials.

Dr Jiang holds a co-appointment as head of the Islet Cell Development Program, Centre for Diabetes Research at WAIMR and as an Associate Professor in the Centre for Medical Research of UWA.

He has been working on a cell therapy which will restore an insulin-dependent diabetic patient’s own ability to control blood glucose levels.

The aim was to replace the need for daily insulin injections, avoid the life-threatening complications, reduce patient ill-health and healthcare costs, and improve quality of life.

Dr Jiang says the cell therapy will do all these.

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