Research uncovers link between gene regulator and high blood pressure

A new study investigating the effects of the gene Regulator of G protein Signalling 5 (RGS5) has revealed a strong connection between... more

Potential new way to slow growth of prostate cancer cells

New insights by Perkin's researchers into how a tiny microRNA molecule may suppress prostate tumours have been published internationally,... more

$5M Breast cancer study uncovers new treatment targets

Australian researchers have identified new markers and treatment targets for women with breast cancer. more

Perkins expert helps revolutionise world view of disease

An expert of neuromuscular diseases, Perkins Professor Nigel Laing, has helped revolutionise the way doctors will diagnose muscle... more

Turning cancer genes on and off

Researchers at the Perkins revealed a ground-breaking new molecular structure involved in turning genes on and off in cancer. more

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