Scott's story

Our son was 21 years old when he was first diagnosed with melanoma.  A routine check-up revealed that a small mole on his cheek was skin cancer.  After seeing his GP, Scotty had it removed and was given the all-clear.

During this time Scott continued life as usual, particularly his passion for golf.  His goal was to be a professional golfer, a dream he’d had since he was 14.  Scott was defending his fifth title at the Cottesloe Golf Course, almost five years since his first diagnosis, when he found a small lump under his chest that turned out to be secondary melanoma.  I could not believe that my outwardly fit and healthy young son, in the prime of his life, was about to begin an exhausting battle against melanoma that would change our lives forever.

Further scans revealed that the cancer has spread to Scotty’s lungs, ribs, spine and brain.  My son had extraordinary determination and he fought his cancer every step of the way.  He underwent eight major operations and tried all sorts of treatments but after two long years, Scott lost his battle with melanoma at the age of 27. 

The massive turnout of family, friends, work mates and school friends at Scott’s memorial service was testament to a life well and bravely lived by our beautiful boy.

We miss Scotty every day and my heart breaks thinking of our first born son growing up and knowing his dreams and potential were never realised.  But we take strength from his legacy and are so proud in knowing that his name and story are making a difference in the fight against melanoma.

Vonnie Kirkbride

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