Scientific Advisory Committee

The Kirkbride Melanoma Centre Scientific Advisory Committee brings together three of Australia’s leaders in academic and clinical melanoma research to provide strategic advice to the Kirkbride Centre. The Scientific Advisory Committee reviews all research projects submitted as part of the Discovery Grants programs advises on the Kirkbride Centre’s own scientific direction.


Nick Hayward 


Professor Nick Hayward

Professor Nicholas Hayward is an NHMRC Senior Principal Research Fellow and Head of the Oncogenomics Laboratory at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research, Brisbane (Australia). He is a molecular biologist who joined Melanoma Institute Australia in 2011 as a member of the Research Committee. Prof. Hayward has studied the molecular genetics of melanoma for more than 25 years, having received his PhD from the University of Queensland, Brisbane.

He is a foundation member of the International Melanoma Genetics Consortium (GenoMEL) and the Society for Melanoma Research (SMR). His work focuses on identifying high and low penetrance melanoma predisposition genes through linkage and association analyses, positional cloning and candidate gene studies, as well as whole-genome and exome sequencing. Additionally, a large part of his research program involves identification and characterization of somatic mutations or gene expression differences associated with melanoma development and progression.


Grant McArthur 


Professor Grant McArthur

Professor Grant McArthur has an international and national reputation as a leader in medical oncology treatment of melanoma as demonstrated by regular invitations to present at forums of my medical oncology colleagues. He manages a large multi-faceted basic research and clinical program and has excellent administrative abilities. He is co-Head of the Cancer Therapeutics Program, co-Chair of the Skin and Melanoma Service, sits on Peter Mac's Cancer Research executive team and directly manages a complex program of three laboratories: the Molecular Oncology (McArthur) Laboratory, the Translational Research (McArthur) Laboratory and the Cooperative Research Centre for Cancer Therapeutics, a multi-institutional collaborative centre for drug development.



Graham Mann 

Professor Graham Mann

Graham Mann is a Professor in Medicine at the University of Sydney at the Westmead Millennium Institute and Melanoma Institute Australia. He helps lead a multidisciplinary melanoma research program funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council and Cancer Institute NSW, with teams across the University of Sydney and at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research. These programs are engaged in all aspects of melanoma control, from population-based studies of genetic and environmental susceptibility to melanoma, and psychosocial aspects of melanoma risk, to molecular markers of diagnosis, prognosis and response to treatment. Recent successes have included the discovery of novel genetic risk factors in the Australian population, and of novel biomarkers of prognosis in melanoma.

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