Kirkbride Melanoma Centre

The Kirkbride Melanoma Centre is dedicated to finding the answers to melanoma skin cancer.  Our goal is to better the lives of those with melanoma through improved diagnosis and treatment.

Only through world-class research will crucial breakthroughs be made to answer the complex questions about melanoma.  This research is being undertaken at the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research where scientists are working on the genetic causes of melanoma, potential treatments and predictors of disease recurrence.


Melanoma researcher Rikki Brown, with Vonnie and Nick Kirkbride.

In 2018 the Western Australian Melanoma Advisory Service (WAMAS) merged with the Kirkbride Melanoma Centre to create the WA Kirkbride Melanoma Advisory Service. Local cancer researchers and a panel of melanoma specialists work together to offer support and advice to patients and doctors.

The Western Australian Kirkbride Melanoma Advisory Service provides comprehensive advice from a multi disciplinary panel of specialists regarding the management of complex, advanced and metastatic melanoma. Our aim is to ensure patients receive the best available advice on their treatment and prognosis. Learn more at >

We are moving closer to finding a new treatment for melanoma and being able to slow down its progress, but this takes time and money. Rikki Brown

Our research

Thanks to ongoing fundraising efforts, the Kirkbride Melanoma Centre is currently recruiting an Academic Chair in Melanoma (Research).

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Hear about the exciting developments in melanoma research and treatments from the Kirkbride Community Forum.

MACA Ride to Conquer Cancer

MACA Ride to Conquer Cancer

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Melanoma diagnosis a shock

Melanoma diagnosis a shock

Toddler had never been sunburnt.

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