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Each week, the Perkins hosts a seminar presented by a medical research expert on health and disease.

Join us in the McCusker Auditorium from 12 pm to 1 pm as this week’s expert, Professor Tamir Tuller, presents “Engineering Genes, Viruses, and Cells based on Computational Models of Gene Expression”.

Prof. Tuller holds an appointment of a full Professor with tenure at Tel Aviv University where he is the head of the Laboratory of Computational Systems and Synthetic Biology. A central research interest of Prof. Tuller is developing

computational approaches for modeling and engineering gene expression for various biotechnological/Medical objectives and for understanding fundamental phenomena in life science and medicine.

Prof. Tuller has formal education in Engineering, Computer Science, Medicine and Biology (including two PhD titles). Prof. Tuller is the author of more than 125 peer reviewed scientific journal articles in top (Q1) journals and more than 200 other type of publications. His h-index is 37 and he has received various awards and fellowships.

Prof. Tuller is co-founder of the company SynVaccine Ltd, which provides rational design and construction of viral based products. This company was chosen as one of the three promising start-up companies in Europe in the Falling-Walls start-up competition and the 2nd place in the Israeli academia show Case Start-Up Competition.


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