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Dr Gina Ravenscroft is a Senior Research Fellow within the Neurogenetic Diseases Group at the Harry Perkins Institute and UWA. She is currently supported by an NHMCR Career Development Fellowship. She completed her undergraduate degree at UWA, majoring in Physiology and Pharmacology. In 2009 she completed her PhD project characterising mouse models of skeletal muscle alpha-actin disease, supervised by Prof Nigel Laing and Dr Kristen Nowak at WAIMR and Dr Tony Bakker in the Department of Physiology.

Her research focus is on early-onset, severe genetic diseases with a particular focus on neurogenetic diseases. Dr Ravenscroft’s skillset and training ranging from genetics to muscle physiology gives her unique perspectives that inform the interpretation of genetic variants and design of the critical experiments to investigate the functional genomics of candidate disease-causing variants and genes. She has carved a niche within the area the severe neurogenetic disorders and is recognised as a world expert in the genetics of these disorders. In ExpertScape, Dr Ravenscroft is listed as the top expert in Australia for arthrogryposis, congenital myopathy and nemaline myopathy and within the top 10 experts internationally for each of these disorders. She has led or contributed to the discovery of 10 novel human disease genes (seven of which occur in babies before or at birth), with another >10 candidate novel disease genes under investigation. Discovery and characterisation of myoglobinopathy (Nat Comms) was highlighted as one of
the Top 10 Neuromuscular Disease discoveries of 2019. Her research has immediate clinical translation. It provides much needed answers to families affected by devastating early-onset genetic diseases.

She is also committed to outreach including highlighting issues of EMCRs and women in STEM.

Date and time

Thursday 24th September, 2020
12pm to 1pm




McCusker Auditorium
Ground Floor
Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research


Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research

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