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Each week, the Perkins hosts a seminar presented by a medical research expert on health and disease.

Join us in the McCusker Auditorium from 11 am to noon as this week’s expert, Associate Professor Alexey Terskikh, presents “Imaging Epigenetic Landscapes – One Cell at a Time”.

We have developed a novel approach to analyse epigenetic patterns in single cells – Microscopic Imaging of Epigenetic Landscape (MIEL), which captures patterns of nuclear epigenetic marks (e.g. acetylated and methylated histones) and employs machine learning to accurately distinguish between such patterns (epigenetic signatures). We demonstrated that MIEL enables efficient detection and classification of epigenetically active compounds and identified distinct cell fate signatures distinguishing cells from old vs young organisms and tumour stem cells vs differentiated tumour cells. To capture the dynamic changes of epigenetic modifications in live cells we developed Genetically Encoded Epigenetic Probes (GEEPs), which enable tracking changes of epigenetic landscape in real time.


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