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Perkins Seminar: Professor Des Richardson

Prof Des Richardson's seminar is entitled "Befriending the lysosome to treat cancer: Therapeutically stabilizing MIG6 to degrade EGFR" more

Perkins Seminar: Dr Denis Bauer

Dr Denis Bauer is presenting a Perkins seminar entitled "Cloud computing and artificial intelligence transforms life science research" more

Perkins Seminar: Anne O'Donnell-Luria, Ph.d.

Anne O'Donnell-Luria's seminar is entitled "Novel Approaches to Gene Discovery from the Broad Institute Center for Mendelian Genomics" more

Information Night with Sports Training and Health Experts

Join us for an information session with Exercise Physiologist David Beard and Accredited Sports Scientist Dr. Sacha Fulton. more

Perkins Seminar: Associate Professor Rebecca Lim

Rebecca Lim is presenting a seminar about "Realities of translating regenerative medicine discoveries into first-in-human clinical trials" more

Magnificent Holiday Adventure 2404

Join us in the BioDiscovery Centre during the school holidays. more

Magnificent Holiday Adventure 2304

Calling all magnificent young scientists! more

Perkins Seminar: Assistant Professor Marcin Poreba

Assistant Professor Marcin Poreba is presenting a Perkins seminar entitled "Proteases Visualization During Tumor Progression" more

Walk for Women's Cancer Fundraising Masterclass

Join us for a fundraising masterclass! more

Perkins Seminar: Professor Jiri Neuzil

Prof. Jiri Neuzil is presenting a seminar entitled "Why do cancer cells with damaged mitochondrial DNA steal mitochondria from the stroma?" more

Women in Stem Community Forum

Women in STEM Community Forum more

Perkins Seminar: Dr Nicola Waddell

Dr Nicola Waddell is presenting a Perkins Seminar entitled "Genomic research - potential clinical utility and community engagement" more

Perkins Seminar: Dr Scott Berry

Dr Scott Berry is presenting a Perkins Seminar entitled "Understanding gene expression heterogeneity using high-throughput imaging" more

Perkins Seminar: Dr Kyren Lazarus

Dr Kyren Lazarus is presenting a Perkins Seminar entitled "BCL11A: A Tale of Two Cancers" more

Perkins Community Q&A – Breast cancer: the full story

Shedding light on the disease from different perspectives. more

Perkins Seminar: Professor Robin Daly

Prof. Daly's lecture is entitled "Turning 40, Planning for 100: Exercise & nutritional solutions to optimize your muscles, mobility & mind" more

Perkins Seminar: Professor Richard Pestell

Prof. Pestell's lecture is entitled "The discovery of a novel cancer target and clinical development of targeted therapy with leronlimab" more

Perkins Seminar: Dr Denuja Karunakaran

Dr Denuja Karunakaran's lecture is entitled "Knock them down! Therapeutic targeting of RIP kinases to treat cardiometabolic diseases" more

Holiday Program: Cells and Proteins

Magnify the microscopic world of the human body! more

Perkins Seminar: Dr Kaylene Young & Prof. Allan Kermode

Dr Kaylene Young & Prof. Allan Kermode are presenting lectures showcasing their research on Multiple Sclerosis more

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