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21 June
Dr Haibo Jiang 

DECRA Fellow, School of Molecular Sciences Centre for Microscopy, Characterisation and Analysis
The University of Western Australia

"Lipid transport in cardiovascular diseases: insights from direct visualisation and quantification"
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14 June
Professor Ian Smyth

NHMRC Senior Research Fellow
Deputy Head of the Anatomy and Developmental Biology Department
Monash University

"Renal form and function: making your kidneys and keeping them happy"
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31 May
A/Professor Alex Swarbrick

Laboratory Head, Garvan Institute of Medical Research
Co-Head of the Breast Translational Oncology Program, Kinghorn Cancer Centre

"Discovering new therapeutic strategies for breast cancer at cellular resolution"
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24 May
Professor Jeffrey Keelan

Head of School of Biomedical Sciences University of Western Australia

"The prevention of infection-driven preterm birth: from bench-to-bedside-to-RCT."
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17 May
Jessica Kretzmann

PhD Student, University of Western Australia
Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research

"Developing non-viral agents to deliver genome engineering technology for breast cancers."
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10 May
Associate Professor Kevin Pfleger

Head of Molecular Endocrinology and Pharmacology Laboratory
Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research

"Molecular Pharmacology to Research Translation"
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26 April
Dr Vihandha Wickramasinghe

Head, RNA Biology and Cancer Laboratory
Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

"RNA export, alternative splicing and the proteome"
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19 April
A/Professor Phoebe Phillips

Leader of the Pancreatic Cancer Translational Research Group - Deputy Director - Adult Cancer Program,
Lowry Cancer Research Centre University of NSW

"Nanomedicine as a therapy to target ‘undruggable’ genes in pancreatic cancer"
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12 April
Professor Alistair Forrest

Systems Biology and Genomics Laboratory
Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research

"Insights into cell type specific transcriptomes"
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6 April
Professor Dietmar Hutmacher

Chair of Regenerative Medicine
Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation, Queensland University of Technology

"Humanized mice Models: The Next Research Frontier in Cancer Research"
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29 March
A/Professor Fiona Pixley

School of Biomedical Sciences University of Western Australia

"Reprogramming the macrophage-driven tumour microenvironment"
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22 March
Professor Benjamin Chow

Professor of Medicine – Cardiology and Nuclear Medicine
University of Ottawa Heart Institute, Canada

"Cardiac Imaging: Where are we and where do we need to go?"
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15 March
Dr Peter Munro

Royal Society University
Research Fellow Department of
Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering University College, London

"Laboratory based X-ray phase imaging for bio-medicine"
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1 March
Professor Peter Siegel

CEO of THz Global Faculty Associate in Electrical Engineering at Caltech Senior Research Scientist Emeritus at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

"Millimeter- and Submillimeter-Wave Applications in Biology: Potential and Challenges."
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22 February
Professor Elaine Holmes

Professor of Chemical Biology Faculty of Medicine, Department of Surgery & Cancer, Imperial College London

"Analytical and statistical strategies for enhanced metabolic phenotyping and biomarker recovery."
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15 February
Professor Shyam Prabhakar

Associate Director, Integrative Genomics and GIS Lead Computational and Systems Biology, Genome Institute of Singapore

"Single-cell tumor transcriptomics: algorithms and applications"
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