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 26 September
A/Prof Max Massi

School of Molecular & Life Science
Curtin Institute of Functional Materials & Interfaces

"Metal-based labels and probes for Life Science"
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 05 September
Dr Thomas Cox

Leads the Matrix & Metastasis Group,
Garvan Institute of Medical Research

"The dynamic ECM landscape in cancer progression and metastasis"
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 30 August
Associate Professor Jeff Holst

Translational Cancer Metabolism Laboratory,
Adult Cancer Program
University of NSW

"Targeting amino acid metabolism to 'starve' cancer cells"
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 29 August
Dr Judith Fisher

Fisher Research

"Health critical for future planetary directions – findings from the 2019 UN Global Assessment on biodiversity"
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 22 August
Professor Phil Darcy

NHMRC Principal Research Fellow,
Group Leader,
Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

"New approaches for refuelling CAR T cell therapy for the treatment of cancer"
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 15 August
Professor Terrance Johns

Head, Telethon Kids Institute Cancer Centre

"Why EGFR has failed as a therapeutic target in high grade glioma"
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 08 August
Associate Professor Kaylene Simpson

Head, Victorian Centre for Functional Genomics
Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

"Enabling discovery using high throughput technologies"
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 01 August
Professor Jose Maria Polo

Future Fellow (Australian Research Council)
Department of Anatomy & Developmental Biology
Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute
Monash University

"Exploring the boundaries of nuclear reprogramming"
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 18 July
Dr Sébastien Malinge

Senior Research Fellow
Telethon Kids Institute

"Dosage Imbalance in Haemotological Malignancies: What can we learn from studying leukaemia in Down Syndrome children?"
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 04 July
Dr Buzz Palmer

Founder and CEO
The Actuator

"When Australia innovates, the world of healthcare changes"
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 27 June
Dr Ben Dwyer

Postdoctoral Researcher
Scottish Centre for Regenerative Medicine
University of Edinburgh

"Building a resistant wall: How bile duct cancer cells direct pro-tumour niche formation via TWEAK/Fn14 signalling"
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 20 June
Professor Aleksandra Filipovska

NHMRC Senior Research Fellow
Head, Mitochondrial Medicine & Biology Laboratory,
Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research

"The role of energy dysfunction in cardiovascular and metabolic diseases"
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 13 June
Dr Abdul Ihdayhid

Cardiologist & Interventional Cardiology Fellow
MonashHeart, Monash Health

"Cardiac CT in the Diagnosis and Management of Coronary Artery Disease: Looking Beyond Stenosis"
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 30 May
Dr Jiake Xu

Head of Molecular Laboratory 
Head of the Division of Regenerative Biology
School of Biomedical Sciences
University of Western Australia

"Mechanisms of vesicle trafficking in osteoclast: Rab proteins and interacting partners"
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 23 May
Dr Jason Waithman

Head, Cancer Immunotherapy Group
Telethon Kids Institute

"Improving immunity to melanoma"
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 18 April
Professor Des Richardson

Professor of Cancer Cell Biology,
University of Sydney
NHMRC Senior Principal Research Fellow

"Befriending the lysosome to treat cancer: Therapeutically stabilizing MIG6 to degrade EGFR"
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 11 April
Dr Denis Bauer

Principal Research Scientist

"Cloud computing and artificial intelligence transofrms life science research"
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 02 April
Anne O'Donnell-Luria, Ph.D

Associate Director, Center for Mendelian Genomics (CMG)
Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard

"Novel Approaches to Gene Discovery from the Broad Institute Center for Mendelian Genomics"
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 28 March
Associate Professor Rebecca Lim

Stem Cell Biologist
Monash University

"The realities of translating regenerative medicine discoveries into first-in-human clinical trials - a scientist's personal journey"
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 21 March
Assistant Professor Marcin Poreba

Head of Mass Cytometry Facility
Wroclaw University of Science & Technology

"Proteases Visualization During Tumor Progression"
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 28 February 
Prof. Jiri Neuzil

Head of Group, Mitochondria, Apoptosis & Cancer Research
Griffith University

"Why do cancer cells with damaged mitochondrial DNA steal mitochondria from the stroma?
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 20 February
Dr Nicola Waddell

Head, Medical Genomics Group
QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute

"Genomic research - potential clinical utility and community engagement"
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 14 February
Dr Scott Berry

Postdoctoral Fellow
University of Zurich, Switzerland

"Understanding gene expression heterogeneity using high-throughput imaging"
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 11 February 
Dr Kyren Lazarus

Postdoc, Univserity of Cambridge

"BCL11A: A Tale of Two Cancers"
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