2015 seminars




10 December

Welcome and reflections from: 

Professor George Yeoh 
Associate Dean of Research, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences


Presentations from: 
Professor Stephen Hill 
2015 Raine Visiting Fellow, Professor of Molecular Pharmacology, The University of Nottingham


Michelle Emmett 
Research Development Adviser (International) UWA Office of Research Enterprise


Associate Professor Kevin Pfleger 
Head, Molecular Endocrinology and Pharmacology, Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research


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"Developing International Research Collaborations" 

4 December

Professor Grant McArthur Lorenzo Galli Chair in Melanoma and Skin Cancers, University of Melbourne 
Head of Department of Oncology, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

"Towards long term survival from inhibiting BRAF through combination therapy”

3 December

Emeritus Professor Irwin Arias
Albert Einstein College of Medicine 
Professor/Chairman of Cellular and Molecular Physiology 
Tufts University School of Medicine 
Head, Unit of Cellular Polarity, Cell Biology and Metabolism Branch
"How do hepatocytes polarise and what happens when they don’t” 

26 November

Professor Dr. Oliver Eickelberg
Chairman, Translational Research Center Comprehensive Pneumology Center
Ludwig-Maximilians – Universitry and Helmholtz Zentrum München

"Novel biomarkers and therapeutic targets in lung fibrosis”

17 November

Associate Professor Amanda Salis
NHMRC Senior Research Fellow
University of Sydney
Boden Institute of Obesity, Nutrition, Exercise & Eating Disorders
Charles Perkins Centre - The University of Sydney 

"Why most diets fail and what to do about it"

12 November

Professor Paul Thomas
Head, Laboratory of Developmental Genetics 
School of Biological Sciences, University of Adelaide

"Generation and analysis of epilepsy mouse models using CRISPR/CAS genome editing”

9 November

Associate Professor Robert McLaughlin
Optical + Biomedical Engineering Lab 
University of Western Australia 

"A microscope-in-a-needle: Optical coherence tomography and fluorescence needle probes”

4 November

Professor William Cookson
Head of Respiratory Sciences
Imperial College London

“Asthma: Genes versus the micro biome at the airway barrier” 

29 October

Dr Haibo Jiang
Lecturer, Centre for Microscopy, Characterisation and Analysis

"Novel Insights into Biology from Ultra-High Resolution Ion Microscopy”

22 October

Dr Darren Kelly 
CEO and Managing Director of Occurx

"Fibrotech: molecules to man and beyond”

15 October

A/Professor Evan Ingley 
Laboratory Head, Cell Signalling Group 
Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research

"The first oncogene (and its family); still much to discover for blood and cancer” 

8 October

Dr Mitchell O'Connell
University of California, Berkley 

"Programmable RNA recognition by CRISPR/Cas9”

1 October

Professor Geoff Hill
Head, Bone Marrow Transplantation Laboratory, QIMR Berghofer

"Cytokine modulation and cell therapy in transplantation"

24 September

Dr Tara Richman
Laboratory for Mitochondrial Medicine & Biology
Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research 

"Mutation in MRPS34 Comprises Protein Synthesis and Causes Mitochondrial Dysfunction”

17 September

"How a grant review panel works"

Professor Peter Eastwood
Deputy Director, Institute for Respiratory Health
Director, Centre for Sleep Research, School of Anatomy, Physiology & Human Biology, UWA

"Tips for writing successful project grants"

Emeritus Professor Norbert Berend
University of Sydney
Head of Respiratory Research, George Institute for Global Health

9 September

Professor Chris Higgins
Pro-Chancellor, Durham University

"Stem Cells – Science, Medicine and Ethics”

3 September

Elizabeth Johnstone
PhD Student, Laboratory for Molecular Endocrinology & Pharmacology 
Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research

"Biophysical insights into the molecular pharmacology of angiotensin II receptor heteromers”

27 August

Professor Ruth Ganss
Laboratory Head, Vascular Biology and Stromal Targeting Laboratory 
Scientific Head of Cancer and Cell Biology Division 
Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research

"Contraction, contraction, contraction”

20 August

Associate Professor Fang-Xu Jiang
Head, Islet Cell Development Program
Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research

"Toward regenerative therapies to diabetes: strong so far but challenge ahead” 

13 August

Dr Archa Fox
Head, Cancer Gene Regulation Laboratory
Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research

"Prion-like domains in RNA binding proteins are essential 
for building subnuclear paraspeckles"

6 August

Professor Grant Morahan
Director, Centre for Diabetes Research
Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research

"Rapid gene discovery, identification of genetic networks 
and novel disease models from the next-generation genetics resource, the gene mine”

30 July

Professor Maria Kavallaris
Professor and Head of the Tumour Biology and Targeting Program
The Children's Cancer Institute Australia
Director of the Australian Centre for NanoMedicine

"Cancer Nanomedicine: Opportunities and Challenges”

23 July

Professor Nigel Laing AO
Head, Neurogenetics Disease Laboratory
Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research

"Is prevention of genetic disease eugenics?

 - An aeolian lecture"


16 July

Astrid Brull Cañagueral
PhD Student, Vall d'Hebron Research Institute, Barcelona

"Phenotypic characterization of a murine model for McArdle's disease and therapeutic approaches"

9 July 2015

David Mackey
Managing Director of the Lions Eye Institute
Professor of Ophthalmology and Director of the UWA Centre for Ophthalmology and Vision Science

"Why do you wear glasses?  Genes and environment affecting myopia."

2 July 2015

Ian Frazer
Founding CEO and Director of Research of the Translational Research Institute Diamantina Institute, The University of Queensland

"HPV vaccines – theory to practice”

23 June 2015

Cornelius Gross 
Senior Scientist and Deputy Head at the Mouse Biology Unit 
EMBL Monterotondo

"Primal threats: the neural circuitry of predator and social fear”

18 June 2015

Alistair Forrest
Laboratory Head, Systems Biology and Genomics  
Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research

"FANTOM5: deep sequencing of the mammalian transcriptome and where to next”

11 June 2015

Anne-Maree Vallence
NHMRC Peter Doherty Research Fellow
School of Psychology and Exercise Science
Murdoch University 

"Plasticity and Functional Connectivity in the Human Motor Cortex”

4 June 2015

Benjamin Kile
NHMRC Principal Research Fellow and Joint Head of the ACRF Chemical Biology Division 
Walter and Eliza Hall Institute

"Death without a fuss: apoptotic caspases and the suppression of anti-viral signalling”

21 May 2015

James Allen
PhD Student, Leukaemia Laboratory

"A novel link between the management of DNA topology and the DNA damage response”

14 May 2015

Ruohan Li
PhD Student, Cancer Gene Regulation
Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research

“The long non-coding RNA NEAT1 in cell biology and paraspeckle function”

7 May 2015

James Williams
Yuuwa Capital & 
Todd Shand

"iCeutica – the agony and ecstasy"

30 April 2015

Oliver Rackham
Laboratory Head, Synthetic Biology and Drug Discovery
Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research 

"Re-engineering cellular gene expression"

16 April 2015

Associate Professor Kevin Morris
Biotechnology and Biomedical Sciences
The University of New South Wales 

"Long non-coding RNA regulation of cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator expression" 

9 April 2015

Heiko Lickert
Director, Institute of Diabetes and Regeneration Research
Technical University Munich (TUM), Germany

“Beta cell development and regeneration”

2 April 2015

Melissa Little
Kidney Research Laboratory
Murdoch Children's Research Institute
Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne 

"How to build a kidney: from development to regeneration and back again"

26 March 2015

Samuel Lundin
Marie Curie Fellow
The Marshall Center for Infectious Diseases Research and Training

"Inflammation associated with Helicobacter pylori-induced gastric carcinogenesis" 

20 March 2015

Chun Seow
Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
University of British Columbia 

"Smooth muscle, how does it work and why do we care"

12 March 2015

Jordan Boutilier
PhD Student, Neurogenetic Diseases Laboratory
Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research

"A systems genetics approach for treating skeletal muscle disease"

5 March 2015

Anthony Levitt
Raine Visiting Professor
University of Toronto, Department of Psychiatry

"Direct to brain treatments for psychiatric illness: the new wave or a new fad?" 

26 February 2015

Samantha South
Projects Manager - Commercialisation
Research Development & Innovation, UWA 

"How to generate research funding by leveraging your IP"

17 February 2015

Dominic Voon
Senior Research Scientist
Cancer Stem Cells and Biology Programme
Cancer Science Institute of Singapore, National University of Singapore 

"A role for RUNX3 in inflammation-induced expression of IL23A in gastric epithelial cells"

12 February 2015

Dr Leigh Stoddart 
Post Doctoral Research Fellow 
Cell Signalling Research Group, University of Nottingham, UK

"Fluorescent ligands for G protein-coupled receptors – shedding new light on receptor-drug interactions”

23 January 2015

Shreeja Mehrotra
Vacation Scholarship Student
Neurogenetic Diseases Group
Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research 

Rhonda Taylor
PhD Student
Centre for Genetic Origins of Health and Disease

‘Mutation detection for foetal akinesia patients using next generation sequencing’


'Transcriptional regulation of Complement Receptor2 (CR2):
Significance to B cell biology and autoimmune disease’


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