Medical research seminars

Medical Research Seminars
Each week, every Thursday at noon, researchers and members of the public are invited to attend our medical research seminars.

Local, national and international experts speak about health and disease. While the seminars tend to be very scientific in nature, community members can get a lot out of them and hear about the very latest in the field of medical science.








 23 May Dr Jason Waithman
Head, Cancer Immunotherapy Group
Telethon Kids Institute
"Improving immunity to melanoma"
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 30 May Dr Jiake Xu
Head of Molecular Laboratory 
Head of the Division of Regenerative Biology
School of Biomedical Sciences
University of Western Australia
"Mechanisms of vesicle trafficking in osteoclast: Rab proteins and interacting partners"
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 13 June Dr Abdul Ihdayhid
Cardiologist & Interventional Cardiology Fellow
MonashHeart, Monash Health
"Cardiac CT in the Diagnosis and Management of Coronary Artery Disease: Looking Beyond Stenosis"
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