Medical research seminars

Medical Research Seminars
Each week, every Thursday at noon, researchers and members of the public are invited to attend our medical research seminars.

Local, national and international experts speak about health and disease. While the seminars tend to be very scientific in nature, community members can get a lot out of them and hear about the very latest in the field of medical science.








29 November Dr Kaylene Young
MS Research Australia Macquarie Group Foundation Fellow
Menzies Institute for Medical Research, Tasmania

Professor Allan Kermode 
Consultant Neurologist & Head of the Demyelinating Diseases Research
Perron Institute & St John of God Hospital
"Directing myelin plasticity towards myelin repair"
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"Multiple Sclerosis update: east and west"
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20 November Professor Tambet Teesalu
Tartu University, Estonia
 "Development of tumor penetrating peptides for precision cancer medicine
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