Honour a loved one’s fight

This year we have dedicated our Christmas appeal to celebrate the life of a wonderful woman called Kathy Bunce. Who, when faced with a terrible cancer diagnosis, rallied her strength to raise funds for vital medical research.

Kathy BunceIn July, Kathy was a healthy, 48-year-old mother, wife and businesswoman living in Perth.

Eight weeks later, she was gone.

An incredibly rare cancer took Kathy without warning.

To her friends and family, Kathy’s diagnosis made no sense. Why Kathy? Why now? And why a cancer that was so rare that there was not a single-targeted treatment that could be of use?

Perkins researchers are determined and driven to answer these questions because they know that there’s a lot of people who need a little hope. But they can't do it alone and they need your help.

Kathy was a loyal supporter of the Perkins. She first started raising funds for medical research to honour the memory of her mum who died of breast cancer.

And when she was diagnosed, she continued to fundraise. Such was her belief in the power of medical research.

Right up to the very end, Kathy was positive. She had an unwavering belief that research would help find answers – just not in time to help her. She was confident that with the support of people like you, in the future, others might survive when she did not. 

If you missed a loved one at the Christmas table this year, please consider honouring their fight and memory with a donation to help fund vital research. Today.

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