Professor Yusuf Nagree 

Yusef Nagree



Professor Yusuf Nagree is a clinical academic based at Fiona Stanley Hospital splitting his time between clinical work on the Emergency Department floor and research. Prof Nagree is also Chair of the Scientific Committee of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine, which is the peak body for Emergency Medicine in Australia & New Zealand and sits on the College Quality Subcommittee and Hospital Overcrowding Committee. Prof Nagree also teaches on rural trauma and in on a Committee that sets questions for the Emergency Medicine Specialist Qualifications.

Current Projects

  • A longitudinal study of patients who present with chest pain to the ED
  • Development of rapid risk stratification techniques for low risk chest pain
  • Comparison of various methods used to estimate the number of GP-type patients in the ED
  • Supervising a project to look at the utility of BNP in syncope
  • Supervising a project to look at improving compliance with chest pain guidelines using electronic decision support


1992 MBBS Sydney
1994 Grad Diploma Computer Science
2002 FACEM
2007 MBA (Executive)

Research Interests

  • Chest pain in the Emergency Department.
  • Developing methods to quantify Emergency Department workload.
  • Clinical decision rules.
  • Emergency Department flow.

Major Grants Awarded

WA Innovation Fund. $400,000 to develop rapid risk stratification methods for chest pain attendances.
Health System Improvement Unit. $150,000 to validate the "Perth Chest Pain Rule".


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