Previous staff

Dr Stephen Macdonald (2009)

Research Registrar (Royal Perth Hospital)

1. Rapid risk stratification of suspected acute coronary syndrome using serial multiple biomarkers
2. Neutrophil gelatinase associated lipocalin (NGAL) to predict renal injury in acute decompensated cardiac failure

S Kirkbright

Dr Shelley Kirkbright (2010)

Research Registrar (Royal Perth Hospital)

Project: Quantifying bacterial load in sepsis using novel PCR techniques

Claire Nash (2010-2013)

Research Nurse (Royal Perth Hospital)

Vanessa Camarda (2011-2015)

Research Assistant (Fremantle Hospital)


K Shakespeare2
Karen Shakespeare (2011-2015)

Research Manager (Fremantle Hospital)

Alysse Pownall (2012-2014)

Research Nurse (Armadale Hospital)

C Armstrong
Dr Chris Armstrong (2013)

Research Registrar (Royal Perth Hospital)

Project: Inflammation and acute stroke

D Mccutcheon

Dr David McCutcheon (2013)

Research Senior Registrar (Royal Perth Hospital)

1. Activated charcoal after intubation in deliberate self-poisoning.
2. Australian Snakebite Project database - mapping exercise of registered snakebites using geocoding software.

N Sweeting
Naomi Sweeting (2011-2015)

Clinical Nurse, Emergency Research (Royal Perth Hospital)



S Stone
A/Professor Shelley Stone

Head, CCREM Research Laboratory

Research: Immunology; allergy/anaphylaxis and critical illness in the Emergency Department

F Seroney

Fiona Seroney (2014-2015)

Research Assistant (Royal Perth Hospital) 

S McLay

Dr Stuart McLay (2015)

Research Registrar (Royal Perth Hospital)


Shiree Walker

Shiree Walker (2012-2014)

Emergency Nurse, Clinical (Armadale Hospital)

L Offer

Lilian Offer (2015-2017)

Clinical Nurse, Emergency Research (Royal Perth Hospital)

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