Previous research

  1. Anaphylaxis
  2. Antivenom
  3. Geriatrics
  4. Stroke
  5. Amphetamines
  6. Critical Illness and Shock
  7. Pain
  8. Alcohol


Current research

    1. Pneumothorax  (Lead Prof Simon Brown)
    2. Sepsis (Lead Dr Stephen Macdonald)
      • REFRESH
      • Endothelial glycocalyx
    3. Geriatrics (Lead A/Prof Glenn Arendts)
    4. Concussion (Co-lead Prof Daniel Fatovich)
    5. Illicit drugs
      • WISE, Western Australian Illicit Substances Evaluation. (Lead Dr David McCutcheon)
      • Methamphetamine Addiction: Is Baclofen effective in suppressing methamphetamine cravings? Functional MRI patterns of brain activation in Baclofen vs placebo treated methamphetamine addicts. (Collaboration; CI-B Prof Daniel Fatovich)
    6. Laboratory studies (Lead Dr Erika Bosio)
      • The role of Resistin in endothelial cell activation in human sepsis.
      • Does the early microRNA profile of cardiac arrest have prognostic potential?
      • Do microRNAs have a role in the diagnosis of stroke?
    7. High sensitivity Troponin
      • The Single Troponin at Triage study. (Collaboration; CI-D Prof Daniel Fatovich; CI-E Dr Stephen Macdonald)
      • Is highly-sensitive troponin testing advancing clinical practice, improving outcomes and cost-effective in the investigation and management of chest pain in the Emergency Department? (Collaboration; CI-E Prof Daniel Fatovich)
    8. ED systems (Collaboration; CI-C Prof Daniel Fatovich)
      Validation and impact of the four hour rule in the emergency department: a large data linkage study.
    9. Prehospital care (Collaboration; CI-C Prof Daniel Fatovich)
      Improving ambulance dispatch to time critical emergencies
    10. Australian Snakebite Project (Collaboration; local lead Dr Jess Soderstrom)
    11. Flucan (Collaboration: lead Ellen MacDonald)


NHMRC Centres of Research Excellence 

      1. Isbister G, Buckley N, de Silva J, Brown S, Hodhson W, Lalloo D, de Silva A, Dawson A, Gawarammana I, Graudins A. Centre of Research Excellence (CRE) in Translational Venom and Antivenom Research. NHMRC APP1110343.
      2. Cameron P, Finn J, Bernard S, Grantham H, Smith K, Fatovich D, Arendts G, Bray J, Stub D, Perkins G. Centre of Research Excellence in Prehospital Emergency Care. NHMRC APP1116453.
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