Researching sepsis biomarkers – thanks to grant

Armadale Health Service Emergency Physician Dr Stephen Macdonald has been awarded a $30,000 grant from the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (ACEM) Foundation to carry out research into sepsis biomarkers. 

The study, which will be undertaken at the Centre for Clinical Research in Emergency Medicine (CCREM), involves obtaining and analysing blood samples from patients admitted with infections at Armadale and Royal Perth hospitals.

Dr Macdonald said these patients will be monitored during their hospital stay in a bid to develop a better understanding of the mechanisms that cause septic shock.

Dr Stephen Macdonald receiving the ACEM Foundation New Investigator Grant from ACEM President Dr Anthony Cross.

“We are particularly interested in the chemical signals associated with the development of organ failure or shock which can complicate severe infections,” he said.

“Identifying patients at risk at an earlier stage of their illness will enable us to target treatment at the sickest patients to improve outcomes.”

Sepsis accounts for a significant proportion of ICU admissions and one in five septic shock patients die.

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