Research paper raising awareness

A Royal Perth Hospital Emergency Department Physician has used his own front-line experience to publish a research paper on the danger of synthetic drugs.

Featuring in the Medical Journal of Australia, Dr David McCutcheon has highlighted the danger of synthetic drugs after a night in the Emergency Department where several patients were required to be sedated after becoming delirious and agitated from a mystery blue pill.

Dr McCutcheon said it was important to document the information as staff needed to learn about the substance and how to treat patients who present to the emergency department after taking it.

“We are seeing more cases where people are coming in after taking these types of substances. Each ‘batch’ seems to come with a new set of side effects,” Dr McCutcheon said.

The paper highlights the rise in synthetic drugs, and the difficulty that comes with treating patients who have taken an unknown substance.

To read the research paper, go to the Medical Journal of Australia website

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