The Global Sepsis Awards 2018 – Global Sepsis Alliance Rewards Dr. Stephen MacDonald for Outstanding Efforts in the Fight Against Sepsis

July 2018
FACEM Dr Stephen Macdonald has has won a Global Sepsis Award. An initiative of the Global Sepsis Alliance, the awards recognise and honour excellent sepsis awareness and education initiatives, as well as to recognise major achievements of governments, organisations, and individuals, consistent with the aims of the World Sepsis Declaration and the World Sepsis Day Movement. Read more on ACEM | GSA
Listen to Dr Stephen Macdonald's radio interview

Sepsis story on Channel 9 news

December 2017
Sepsis kills more people in Australia than breast and prostate cancer combined. Dr Stephen McDonald from the Perkins Centre for Clinical Research in Emergency Medicine spoke to Channel 9 news about research undertaken at Royal Perth Hospital to save lives. Watch the clip.

2016 Best Scientific Paper Award from RPH MRF

November 2017
Dr Abbie Francis received the award for the best scientific article published arising from work undertaken at RPH. 

Ice addiction ages people inside and out

June 13th 2017
WA is infamous for ice use, but could it be damaging people in more ways than they think? Read more.

Learning from medical emergencies

December 2016
Pick a condition. If it results in admission to an emergency department, it is likely to come under the scrutiny of a unique unit establish eight years ago in WA. Read more [PDF].

Professor Fatovich receives award for second time

December 20th 2016
Professor Fatovich won the 2016 research award for his paper entitled ‘Perceptions of Australasian Emergency Department Staff of the impact of Alcohol-Related Presentations’. Read more.

Cultivating a culture of research

December 7th 2015
A three time winner of the John Gilroy Potts Award for best published article, recipient of the ACEM Foundation 20 Medal and co-recipient of the Edward Brentnall Award in 2015, Professor Daniel Fatovich has received some of the highest honours ACEM can bestow. But it's not a love of research for its own sake that motivates him, it's an endless drive to improve patient care and develop the specialty. Read more [ACEM]. Dec 22nd 2015 [RPH Hub].

How alcohol affects your body

September 2nd 2015
Professor Daniel Fatovich from the Perkins Centre for Clinical Research in Emergency Medicine explains how alcohol affects your body in this week's Health+Medicine lift out. Read more [The West Australian]. 

Grants awarded on merit

August 7th 2015
Researchers from CCREM and the Harry Perkins Institute have recieved compeitive Project Grant Merit Awards from the State Government. Read the media statement.

Research paper raising awareness

June 26th 2015 / SMHS enews
A Royal Perth Hospital Emergency Department Physician has used his own front-line experience to publish a research paper on the danger of synthetic drugs. Read more.

Researching sepsis biomarkers – thanks to grant

February 24th 2015
Dr Stephen Macdonald has been awarded a $30,000 grant from the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (ACEM) Foundation to carry out research into sepsis biomarkers. Read more.

Meth increase in Western Australia

February 19th 2015
Watch a 9 News interview with Professor Daniel Fatovich on the increase of meth usage in W.A. Read more.

Sepsis pathway leads to safer care

January 9th 2015
A new sepsis pathway tool being implemented in the Armadale Health Service (AHS) Emergency Department (ED) is assisting with the timely recognition and treatment of sepsis in adult patients. Read more.

Equity for patients with jump jacker ant allergies

July 7th 2014 
Leading immunologists have called on the Federal Government to consider funding for venom immunotherapy to protect people who are highly allergic to ant stings. Read more. 

Strategies for sleeping and shift work

February 10th 2014
Constantly rotating shifts add to work pressures as these shifts work in opposition to the body's normal circadian rhythm. Read more [PDF].

Snake antivenom: saviour or saboteur?

September 21st 2013
Antivenom may be the definitive treatment for snakebite, but it can also cause an extreme allergic reaction that is taking its toll in developing countries. Read more [PDF].

Brain development following puberty                                                                                                              

May 4th 2013
A young person's body is going through lots of changes during and following puberty and their brain is no exception. Read more [Alcohol Think Again]

$1.5M Grant to keep older Australians on their feet

15th April 2013
Western Australian researchers will take part in a $1.5 million trial aimed at preventing secondary falls in older Australians. Read more.

Safety of quick fix for insect stings investigated

April 2nd 2012
A group of scientists and clinicians studying people's allergic reactions to insect stings has found that fast immunotherapy treatments may not be as safe as slower methods. Read more.

Ant venom program on Catalyst

August 4th 2011
For the first time Professor Simon Brown and his colleagues have determined the main ant species responsible for anaphylaxis in Australia. Read more [Catalyst].

Native ants are deadly threat

July 18th 2011
Bulldog ants commonly found on the Darling Scarp are in a group of four potential killer native ant species identified in a new study. Read more [The West Australian].

Research confirms RFDS role in survival of patients badly injured in regional WA

July 5th 2011
Major trauma patients in remote Western Australia significantly increase their chances of survival if they receive early medical intervention and retrieval by the Royal Flying Doctor Service. Read more.

Tradegy highlights ant venom research

March 21st 2011
Studies into anaphylaxis have been brought to prominence following the death of a Bunbury man last month, after an ant reportedly stung him. Read more.

Professor Daniel Fatovich talks about ecstasy and the brain

January 26th 2011
Ecstasy and the brain - Ecstasy can affect your brain long after the night you take it. Professor Daniel Fatovich talks about his world-first research that has just come out of Royal Perth Hospital. Read more [Drug Aware].

Roving nurses help ease the load in WA emergency departments

September 19th 2010
The use of roving nurses to treat elderly patients in aged care homes to prevent unnecessary transfers to hospital is helping reduce the burden on emergency departments. Read more [PDF MeDeFacts].

WA research reveals brain injury-amphetamine link

September 5th 2010
WA research has revealed that one in five young people seeking emergency medical attention related to amphetamine drug use had abnormalities on brain scans. Read more.

Making medicine better

February 10th 2010
Studies aim to find new ways to treat patients at emergency departments. Read more.

Australian researchers probe red-back spider bite treatment

January 12th 2010
Australian researchers are asking for community help in a landmark study aimed at improving the treatment of red back spider bites. Read more.

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