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Research staffThe Centre for Clinical Research in Emergency Medicine (CCREM) is a Centre within the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research, established in 2008 with start up and ongoing funding from Royal Perth Hospital, the Royal Perth Hospital Medical Research Foundation and the University of Western Australia. Our academics hold appointments within the Discipline of Emergency Medicine, University of Western Australia. 

Our research involves collaboration between academic emergency physicians working in the Emergency Department (ED), a team of research nurses recruiting patients presenting to the ED with acute illnesses, and scientists analysing samples in the laboratory using immunological and molecular biological techniques. We are unique in having a wet lab within the ED, which allows for timely specimen preparation.

CCREM research includes observational studies and laboratory work designed to uncover the mechanisms of disease, and randomised controlled trials designed to improve clinical care. We also endeavour to integrate laboratory and clinical research, using laboratory studies to help us understand the results of clinical trials.

CCREM provides opportunities for both laboratory and clinical post-graduate honours and PhD students, and research terms for Emergency Medicine Advanced Trainees at Royal Perth Hospital.

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