Year 8 Program

Cell-ebrating Cells!

Activity duration: 5 hours 
Price per student: 

  • $50 per student for 20 or more 
  • Less than 20 students: a flat fee of $1000 applies

Max class size: 40 students

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Students will explore the structure and function of cell organelles in fun puzzle activity. They will also learn how cells work together and cooperate to make multicellular organisms.

Next, they will investigate the size and scale of the microscopic world using our giant rulers.

This will be followed by a lab activity that investigates cardiovascular disease/risk factors. Scientific investigative skills will be challenged as students do a diagnostic test for reactive protein C (indicative of inflammation), to identify patients at risk of a heart attack. These patients’ samples will undergo further testing for troponin, which indicates damage to heart muscle, allowing students to identify patients who have cardiovascular issues.

Curriculum Links
Australian Curriculum Year 8
SU 149, 150 SHE 134, 135, 136, 226 SIS 141, 144, 145, 146.

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