Year 8 Program

The Perkins ExCELLent Adventure

Activity duration: 4.5 hours
Price per student: 

  • $50 per student for 20 or more 
  • $60 per student for 16-19 students
  • Less than 15 students: a minimum fee applies. 

Max class size: 40 students

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Discover CELLS BEHAVING BADLY! Year 8 program

The students day at Perkins includes two engaging sessions both hosted by research scientists to help them discover how our cells are used in the quest for a healthier body.

Human cancer cells provide the theme for ‘Cells Behaving Badly’ where students will work in a PC2 certified laboratory to learn how to handle, explore and image cells with research grade equipment.

Stem cells provide the theme for ‘Cells Behaving Brilliantly’ and involves students in a fun competitive exploration of the BioDiscovery Centre where they tackle tasks aimed at uncovering the secrets of stem cell research at Perkins. A highlight includes each team being challenged to get the best score in the giant floor game 'Start as a Stem Cell.'

Curriculum Links
Australian Curriculum Year 8
SU 149, SHE 134, 135, 136, 226, 227, SIS 144, 148.

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