Year 12 Chemistry program

Protein power @ Perkins

Activity duration: 5 hours
Price per student: 

  • $50 per student for 20 or more 
  • Less than 20 students: a flat fee of $1000 

Max class size: 30 students

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Discover the importance and structure of proteins during interactive dry and wet lab sessions 

Students spend a session exploring the primary, secondary and tertiary structure of proteins along with the formation of zwitterions and the role of functional groups.

They will then head to the lab for an investigation of antibiotic-resistant proteins. Using their chemical calculation skills and an electrolytic cell, students will carry out protein electrophoresis. Replicating the process research scientists use, students will apply their analytical skills to search the Protein Data Bank for key information about their sample. Using this information, students will then modify the structure of the protein to see if they can transform it into a more effective antibiotic.

Curriculum Links

Chemistry Year 12 | Unit 4 
Organic chemistry and chemical synthesis 
SU α-amino acid structure - primary, secondary and tertiary, peptides SHU - Protein Data Bank

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