Year 11 program

Spectacular Stem Cells

Activity duration: 5 hours
Price per student: 

  • $50 per student for 20 or more 
  • Less than 20 students: a flat fee of $1000 applies

Max class size: 40 students

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Year 11 Program

DISCOVER how research procedures and stem cells have provided a better understanding of how to manage disease.

Session 1: Students will be guided by a researcher through the laboratory technique to thaw, prepare and stain stem cells used for investigating liver cancer.

Session 2: This session begins with a valuable insight into the developments and progress in stem cell research. It is followed by a fun, competitive exploration where students engage with tasks aimed at uncovering the secrets of stem cell research surrounding leukaemia. A highlight includes each team being challenged to get the best score in the giant floor game ‘Start as a Stem Cell’.

Curriculum links

Human Biology Year 11
Unit 2 Reproduction and Inheritance

SU statements
Stem cells have the ability to divide by mitosis and differentiate into many different tissues, depending on the level of cell potency.

SI statements
Conduct investigations, safely, competently and methodically for the collection of valid and reliable data.

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