Teacher Professional Development 

Venue: The Harry Perkins Institue of Medical Research, 6 Verdun St Nedlands

Cost: $250 per person (refreshments and lunch included)

Date: See below for indivdual session dates

Time: 8:30 - 3:30

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Protein Power 101 - Chemistry Teachers

A great opportunity for ATAR Chemistry Teachers to immerse themselves in the NEW proteins based workshop. Spend an interactive session exploring the primary, secondary and tertiary structure of proteins. This includes understanding the formation of zwitterions and role of functional groups. Then head to the lab for an investigation of unknown protein samples using authentic protein electrophoresis techniques. Next, conduct an analysis of protein structure using the same program biochemists use.

Date: Friday March 16th, 2018

Bioinformatics 101

Bioinfomatician Kirsty Richardson will lead you to understand:

  • how gene sequencing, measurement of gene expression and bioinformatic analysis are commonly used in medical research 
  • why and how gene expression is measured using a microarray 
  • how to use on-line bioinformatics tools

Gain confidence in teaching this aspect of syllabus content!

Date: Wednesday 28th March, 2018

DNA 101

A back to basics for teachers wanting to improve their knowledge of molecular biology. There will be a focus on DNA Structure, DNA functions and its' application to 21st century genetics. Be expertly guided through this hands-on, informative day by Perkins researchers and members of the BioDiscovery Centre.

Date: Friday February 23rd, 2018

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