Perkins Profs Academy

Year 10 - 12

Academy duration: 10 weeks (1 term)
Price per student: $350
Max class size: 12-18 students 

This specialised program offers STEM (science, technology, mathematics, engineering) education to capable high school students, by immersing them into a real life application of a typical STEM career pathway - medical research.

This program will run for 10 weeks and is offered each term. Students will attend the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research once a week for a 2 hour session after school from 4:15 - 6:15.

This course will allow students a unique opportunity to work alongside real medical research scientists and be challenged to question, explore, think, collaborate and discover solutions to some of our most complex health issues facing West Australians including diseases like cancer and diabetes.

Perkins Profs Academy 1.0

Course: Introduction to Medical Research

Guided by Perkins dynamic research scientists, students are immersed into the lab techniques and knowledge used to understand cancer research. Lab sessions include staining cancer cells, amplifying genes, sequencing DNA, protein identification and injecting nanoparticles for drug delivery.

This course will finish with a graduation in the final week. Parents will be invited to experience the students achievements.

Perkins Profs Academy 2.0

Course: The genome and beyond

Three modules 
1. Epigenetics
The molecular layer above DNA that is unlocking secrets to disease and health

2. Bioinformatics
Computational biology, managing all the data generated by the human genome project

3. Bioengineering
Using engineering principles to solve our biggest health problems. 

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