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Lotterywest BioDiscovery Centre

Community and school groups will experience a unique glimpse into the world of medical research in the Lotterywest BioDiscovery Centre.  In the hands-on Laboratory you will use the same technology and tools as Perkins medical researchers. 

With inspiring visuals in the foyer, an informative exhibition on the first floor, ‘hands-on’ experiences of medical research in a custom-designed laboratory and a variety of activities in a community resource room the Lotterywest BioDiscovery Centre is open for individuals, community and corporate groups and school students. 

Located in new Perkins building at the QEII Medical Centre, Nedlands, the Centre was established by the Perkins to educate and inspire people of all ages by sharing the fascinating and complex world of medical research. 

Live in the Lab sessions

Within the BioDiscovery Centre you can unleash your inner scientist with a hands-on experience of some of the awe-inspiring technologies used by our Perkins researchers. Learn about the importance of medical research on the BioDiscovery Tour with a visit around the exhibition space at the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research - then experience the science yourself.

Visitors don a lab coat, gloves and safety glasses and learn how scientists do the experiments that lead to new discoveries, new medicines and a brighter future. This fun and informative laboratory session will enable you to explore different scientific techniques in a research grade laboratory.

You will then meet one of our researchers for an introduction to some of the complexities of current day medical research

Bookings are essential for 'live in the lab' and this is a paid activity. To find out more click here or book in for a visit by contacting

Please note: the session will only be held if 10 or more people book a spot.

Click here to view the Lotterywest BioDiscovery Centre website

Tour of the Perkins Tour

We offer tours of the Perkins to clubs, associations and business’ (6+ people) that wish to come along and see firsthand the ground-breaking research undertaken in Western Australia.

Tours take approximately one and a half hours and usually start at 10:30am, however we can be flexible to suit your group. After meeting your guide at the concierge desk you will explore the ground floor interactive exhibition which includes four metre high LED screens showing fluorescent cell images which reflect the research within the Perkins building.

You will find detailed information on iPads attached to the exhibition screens. A unique interactive experience can be found with our male and female MRI images featured across one wall of the foyer. As you move close to the wall you will trigger a simulation of the scanning of the body and giving information about different parts of the body and related research.

Highlights include:

  • An original sample of mould used by Alexander Fleming to grow penicillin - signed by the revolutionary scientist himself!
  • An interactive touch screen exploring research conducted at the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research. Learn about the life-changing discoveries being made in your home town. 
  • Take a walk down our 'information corridor' and discover historical highlights in medical research that led to the medicines we rely on today.

There is a coffee shop on site that provides a suitable option for morning tea or lunch after your tour.

Cost: $5 per head with all proceeds supporting vital medical research

Please note: We can accommodate tours on most Wednesdays between 10:30am-12. If your group cannot make this time, please amend the booking form to your preferred date and time. We will endeavour to meet your request, however acceptance will be based on staff availability.

Speakers or presentations 


If you are unable to visit us and your community group would like to find out more about the lifesaving research happening at the Perkins we may be able to have a member of staff attend your community group meeting to speak or present.

Cost: $5 per head with all proceeds supporting vital medical research

Please note: We will endeavour to meet your request, however acceptance will be based on staff availability. Bookings within business hours are preferable. 

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